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The Jones von Drehle Blog

Chuck Jones
November 7, 2021 | Chuck Jones

Thanksgiving Holiday Discount

Fall. A time of thanks, a time of reflection for the gifts of the year, and a moment to remember those not with us. It is also a great time to take a pause to celebrate the hands that grow, prepare and serve our food and drink. With the Holiday season upon us, I wanted to say a few words of thanks to all of you who have raised a glass of JvD wine with family or friends.  Continue »

Chuck Jones
August 5, 2021 | Chuck Jones

A Note from the Vineyard: Véraison

Now happening across the vineyard. It is the start of ripening, when red grapes change from a vibrant green to blue or purple and white grapes develop a translucence. Sugars begin to accumulate while acids decline. This process marks one of the major milestones in a grapevine annual cycle. For us, it begets anticipation.  Continue »