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Chuck Jones
April 11, 2021 | Chuck Jones

Many Updates- Spring 2020

First, apologies for the delay in getting this newsletter out.  Looking backward, it has been a surreal past twelve months.  Pandemic, frost, cicadas, politics, and precipitation…just to name the obvious.  No looking back, just forward.  As I write that I realize, we will look back.  A bottle of wine captures the sun, rain, soil, millions of years of geology, the careful hands that tend the grapes and the artistry in making a vintage for you.  So, we will all look back a little when we open a 2020 bottle of JvD wine. 

Let’s move on to updates… lots of them. 

Tasting Room 

When we re-opened the tasting room in December, we introduced a reservation system to better allocate space for tasting and most importantly, keep our service level as high as possible.  This system has been such a well-received success that we have decided to keep it in place.  It is very easy to use, the link is on our web site.  

Over the past several months, we have presented several virtual wine tastings for corporate clients, some tastings included specialty North Carolina cheeses.  If you have a business, club or social group and wish to spend a wonder hour in a virtual tasting experience, give us a call or send an email. 

In the next month or so, our lounge will be converted to a Reserve Tasting Room, seating up to 18.  This move will allow us to provide a private tasting with a dedicated staff member.  The program is in development while the room is being remodeled.  A special newsletter will detail this exciting addition.

 Chloe Hall 

Dedication of the new building “Chloe Hall” is scheduled for mid-May.  The building will primarily be used for our new JvD Wine Experience.  An hour filled with special tastings, food pairings, and wine education.  Diana, helped by our amazing staff, will be heading up these exciting multi-media programs and with guest experts in the wine industry, distinguished chefs, and winemakers from other regions. 

Chloe Hall will also be available for corporate meetings (complete multi-media support), group wine tastings and a special program for sommelier certification provided by Doreen Colondres, a certified WSET educator.  

These programs will be highlighted in a special announcement.  

The Stage @ Jones von Drehle 

We jokingly say “well, if the rains continue, mud wrestling or monster trucks may be the entertainment!”  Seriously, we are close to having this facility finished.  The stage itself should be finished in 30 days with seating area and walkways in about 90 days – assuming we can get grass established.  Depending on the configuration, we can accommodate up to 1,500 for a concert.  We are speaking with agents trying to set up performances beginning in late July.  More to come.  

Vineyard & Winery 

Eric and the team have kept the vineyard in pristine shape despite all the weather challenges.  Rain heightens disease pressure in the vines and with all our hills, rain creates erosion issues that require constant repair.  As you drive through to the winery, notice how great the vineyard floor looks. 

Dan has entered into semi-retirement, taking on the mantle as Wine Director while Tanner has assumed the helm at Wine Maker.  The wine team of Dan, Tanner, and Eric are producing amazing wines as you have come to expect.  On any given day, you will see Dan and Tanner in the vineyard assisting Eric and Francisco and, on another day, everyone in the winery pulling together.  We are grateful to this team dedicated to the production of true fine wine in North Carolina. 

Of note, we have added to the Viognier. It is now our largest white planting.  The demand is very exciting for us as it is so challenging to grow, but the wine is worth the effort!  With this latest planting, JvD has four clones of Viognier with each contributing nuance to this unique and beautiful wine.  Like instruments in a quartet – each shining on its own, but collectively a concert. 

Cellar Club 

Words do not do justice for the gratitude we have for our wine club members.  During the shutdown, you kept us going with home deliveries.  The new Honda Passport now has 70,000 happy wine miles!  The Acura was retired at 576,000 miles.  Chloe and I miss it but we are adjusting.   

A Cellar Club newsletter will follow this one, with the pool of wines to select from – several new and exciting selections available only to our members.  We will still do a rolling pick-up for spring, but are planning major events for the fall when hopefully pandemic and construction mud are in the rear-view mirror! 


We are continuing our delivery specials; 6-11 bottles for $15, or free shipping for 12 or more bottles.  Delivery in North Carolina is by Chuck or by the big brown truck!  Chuck’s delivery schedule is the Triad Area on Tuesday, Charlotte metro on Wednesday, Triangle on Thursday and Western North Carolina and the High Country on Friday.  JvD wines make a great gift to celebrate a new house, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations (just be sure it is college and above), promotion - well, lots of reasons to send a gift of fine JvD wine!  Diana will include a note with a message of your choice - make it personal.  

New Hours 

We have expanded our tasting room hours – now Wednesday – Saturday, 11:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Sunday Noon – 5:00 PM.  Last beverage service or tastings at 4:30 PM.   Reservations are recommended but walk-ins are welcome, space permitting.  The patio is open, and tables are well spaced for your comfort.  

Support Local 

On a closing note, please support local whenever possible.  Wine, beer, cider, spirits, cheese, meats, vegetables, fruits and the restaurants that take these gifts from North Carolina to make wonderful food for us all.  Diana and I always seek out our friends as we deliver to show our support and thanks.  Di and I grew up in North Carolina and after many years of living away, we came back to create a place of community in the state we love; join us. 



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